Monday, 4 March 2013

Gander at this goose egg scramble

Health food shops often seem something of an anomaly - encouraging healthy eating but populated by mostly miserable, often positively grumpy and altogether unhealthy looking individuals. One independent in London seemed to actively discourage return customers and be happy to provide less than helpful service. 

Peppers on Deal High Street is the exact opposite. Helpful staff, to the point of maybe even being a little too helpful to some of the more demanding customers who seem incapable of finding anything for themselves but nonetheless an absolute melting pot for all sorts of societal subversives. Conversations range from how many minutes to boil a goose egg, to who funded the plans for a 39 billion pound airport at Goodwin Sands, to the benefits of Himalayan Rose pink crystal salt. It may be a local phenomenon or just an indication of the true meaning of a local shop.

We left with two goose eggs for our lunch - one would've sufficed. A rich and incredible flavour - but maybe slightly rubbery textured albumen. A welcome change.