Tuesday 22 March 2011

Shortbread - meltingly yours

Slightly salty and utterly buttery, thin and meltingly light, sprinkled with demerara sugar.
Shortbread is a delight and homemade biscuits are a well kept secret.
No one could be disappointed to be served one of these with a nice cup of tea.
The recipe is a version of Felicity Cloake's in the Guardian but taste is definitely aided by a really good quality butter and sea salt.

115g of room temperature butter beaten with a wooden spoon until really creamy.
Add 55g of caster sugar and a good pinch of sea salt, beat in.
Sieve in 130g of plain flour and 40g of ground rice.
Draw together with the spoon and then dive in a make into a lovely smooth ball of dough.
Roll out to about 5mm and cut. Lay on a greased tray lined with baking parchment. Cook at 150 celsius for 25-30 minutes - turning the tray half way through.

Cool slightly, sprinkle with demerara, transfer to a cake rack, leave to cool and then store in a biscuit tin.

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