Monday 7 February 2011

A 21st century food lexicon

food deserts – urban areas with no fresh food shops

food miles
- distance food has travelled

food security
– availability of food and one’s access to it

flexitarian – a vegetarian who occasionally eats meat

freeganism – eating free / wild food

glean - gather leftovers (grain after a harvest), collect gradually bit by bit, see Agnes Varda's  Les Glaneurs et La Glaneuse  - The Gleaners and I

glocal  - describing the seamless integration between the local and global; the comprehensive connectedness produced by travel, business, and communications; willingness and ability to think globally and act locally

– from the Greek orth - (right and correct) + orexia (appetite) = right appetite. 1996 American physican Steven Bratman. Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food, uses it to describe people who have an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating

sitopia – from the Greek sitos – (food) + topos (place)
2008 Carolyn Steel in Hungry City, to describe an idealised food environment

locavore - a person whose diet consists only or principally of locally grown or produced food
locative food – “food that tells me where I am and where it’s from by its very name and nature [...] food that is not created by food product designers but by local people from local ingredients”, termed coined by food writer and curator Debra Solomon 2008.

organivore – a person who eats primarily organic food

novel food - a genetically modified or radically altered food, or a substance sold as a food that does not have a history of safe use as a food

placeless food
– food that comes from anywhere and everywhere
Nina-Marie Lister, Toronto, 2000

vegetannual – eating seasonal food. Barbara Kingsolver, ‘Stalking the Vegetannual: A roadmap to eating with the seasons,’ in Orion Magazine, April/May 2007

western diet – an American junk food diet


  1. I've often wondered what would be term for someone who eat's meat and veg etc... but don't eat fish out of principle of overfishing?

    I don't actually eat fish because I don't like it, though if there is one thing that I would not eat out of principle it would be fish. The demand for them is crippling ecosystems.

    Also do you do all of your own photos for the blog?

  2. Rob,
    You're right maybe, no-fish omnivore? Not very catchy!

    Credited images are as listed and all non-credited are mine.